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Gambling: a summer of football

UEFA Euro 2024 and Gambling Awareness

With the UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany just started, many people will be betting on their favourite teams, hoping to win money. Gambling can be fun and easily accessible online, but it can also become harmful.

If you or someone you know is affected by gambling, there are various support services available on Healthy Surrey. These services provide help and treatment for people in Surrey, as well as support for families and friends.

Domestic Abuse and Football

Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse, but incidents can increase or become more severe around major matches. Research from Warwick Business School in 2022 found that alcohol-related domestic abuse cases rose by 47% on the day of an England victory at the World Cup or European Championships.

If you know someone experiencing domestic abuse, please direct them to:

More information and support for people experiencing domestic abuse are available on the Surrey Against Domestic Abuse page .