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Personal relationships

There are many activities, day centres and groups available across Surrey:

Day centres often run activities and lunch clubs, and some can provide a mini-bus to pick you up and take you home again. Contact your local borough or district council or search ‘Day centres' to find something near you. Find your local district or borough council (GOV.UK).

Connect to Support Surrey has information on a range of arts and crafts groups and activities and includes:

Sport and leisure activities on Connect to Support Surrey include:

Feeling lonely?

Have a look through our Loneliness and Social Isolation page to find some suggestions that could help you stay active and connect with others, or search ‘loneliness’ to find a list of organisations and services that can help.


Getting out to see people can be difficult if you don’t have your own transport or find it hard to walk. There are a number of schemes available in Surrey that may make it easier for you.

Looking after someone

When you look after someone who needs a lot of support, there may be times when you need help too.

You can check if you qualify from support from the council by completing our carer's assessment.

Our looking after yourself page provides local information and advice, how to access support groups, what the first steps to accessing support are, information on dementia carer's support as well as how to access digital tools and resources.

More information can also be obtained from Action for Carers